A review of Backpacking in the Lake District a film by Chris Townsend & Terry Abraham

Let me start by saying that I review this video from a different position from anyone else.  I was lucky to be there for a good portion of this trip (although I am not in it) so I had both a unique insight into the film being made, but also it has become a record of that  trip with Chris and Terry.

I think it is difficult to be wholly independent because of this, but this does not detracted from the fact the film is an excellent introduction to backpacking and wild camping. Although the DVD is aimed at the beginner or someone who is contemplating this fantastic pastime, it equally can appeal to experienced backpackers.  I can tell you that this trip was nigh on perfect. The weather was settled and warm both during the day and night, the scenery and sunsets were fantastic and the company good.

The DVD shows a 3 day backpacking route starting and ending at Keswick walking through a wide variety of scenery – woodland, moorland and the more typical rugged Lakeland mountain terrain.

Terry and Chris were able to capture these elements and convey a trip that has all the best that backpacking has to offer. This is not some adrenaline filled DVD but a gentle look at the sheer joy of being out in the mountains.  Importantly unlike day walks. wild camping allows you to immerse yourself much more into the environment.

For the novice, there is sound advice from Chris on the basics  such as choosing a wild camp site and what gear to take from a man who probably has more experience  than any one on wild camping and walking in the mountains . The more experienced viewer will be able to compare and contrast Chris’s take on camp craft with their own and I am sure will still learn something new. Particularly good is Chris’s unpacking of his pack, with him going through his gear.

Terry Abraham is building himself something of a reputation for high quality mountain films, with Scafell Pike, Life of a Mountain and Helvellyn with Mark Richards and as Terry is a keen backpacker he has shot the film with the target audience very much in mind.

As this film is shot in the Lake District and not some far flung corner of the Pacific North West, it is easy for people to get out and do this, to replicate what Chris is doing on the film, if that is you, buy the DVD and be inspired.

Backpacking in the Lake District is available from Striding Edge and other outlets and is priced at £17.94

My report on my trip with Chris and Terry is here and part 2 here

Disclosure : Although I was on the trip during filming, I have no financial interest in the film and paid for the DVD from my own pocket.

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6 Responses to A review of Backpacking in the Lake District a film by Chris Townsend & Terry Abraham

  1. Paul Byrne says:

    Good review Mark. With the excellent photography I think its also a good film to show non backpackers the reason we do it

  2. rucksackrose says:

    Thanks for the interesting review. I am very tempted. For people like me who download I just thought I’d mention that the HD download also available at £14.99 from Steep Edge

  3. Paul Trundle says:

    Hi Mark, I was given this DVD as a Christmas present and have watched it countless times since. Chris has an infectious enthusiasm for the outdoors and I can’t wait to plan my first trip of 2015. Cracking review as always. Paul

    • Thank you Paul for your kind words. Having done two trips with Chris I couldn’t agree more about Chris’s enthusiasm for backpacking. I had to stop myself from asking endless questions. Chris answered them all!

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