MYO Ultralightweight tripod

I couldn’t find a tripod weighing less than 500g so I decided to make my own. 32 cm selfie stick, 3 pieces of Dyneema and 3 Ti pegs. Total weight 220g and is ideal for my new GoPro Hero 4 Silver.




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11 Responses to MYO Ultralightweight tripod

  1. Robin says:

    Good idea. Could do it with a trekking pole and an Ultrapod.

  2. Looks good. Where’s the stick from?

  3. Great weight saving idea.

  4. surfnslide says:

    Good idea. I have Carbon Fibre Tripod but it’s still quite heavy. I was planning to look for a Monopod but this is an idea. Just not sure if it will be stable enough for a full weight DSLR.

    I love my Go Pro – cracking little piece of kit

  5. Hi Andy, fine for my Go Pro and I see it for time lapse and night time lapse for my Go Pro which weighs next to nothing. Yes you are right a DSLR would probably make it unstable.

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