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MYO Ultralightweight tripod

I couldn’t find a tripod weighing less than 500g so I decided to make my own. 32 cm selfie stick, 3 pieces of Dyneema and 3 Ti pegs. Total weight 220g and is ideal for my new GoPro Hero 4 … Continue reading

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Two month review of Ecco Ulterra mids

I was approached by a company working for the Danish shoe manufacturer Ecco. They asked me to try out a pair of their new Ulterras and review them. I was very interested after reading some good reviews from a number of … Continue reading

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Overview of Sawyer mini filter

A new water filter system which compares very favorably to other such systems in terms of cost, ease of use and weight. Filter weighs only 53g. Cleaning plunger 30g. Straw 3g. 0.5 litre pouch 23g. Total weight of system 109g … Continue reading

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Review of Montane Grand Tour 55

A comfortable backpack with many excellent features. Here is my video review.

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The Evolution of Outdoor Gear

I came across a gem of a website back in 2010 and posted about it then. A lengthy discussion was had last week about gear from the 70’s and 80’s.   I am re-posting this  as the link has changed … Continue reading

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Initial look at the Tarptent Stratospire 1

My initial search for a roomy lightweight backpacking tent lead to several possibilities. After some deliberation, I decided to look at “pyramid style”shelters such as the Duomid, and SL3. I did have second thoughts despite a number of positive reviews … Continue reading

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Further Vaude Power Lizard mods

In many ways the Power Lizard is a great little tent – it weighs just over a kilo, bags of room for one and pitches quickly.  Since owning this tent I have carried out some modifications to improve on the … Continue reading

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