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Here are the links to my kayaking posts:

Loch Ewe – 2/3rd August 2011

Solo trip (packrafting- sort of)!! – 17th July 2011

River Ancholme – 16th July 2011

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  1. Hew Prendergast says:

    Thanks for the Loch Ewe blog. Though much advertised the Yukon seems to lack reviews and reports by users. I’ve just bought one (my first kayak) and have been travelling the tidal rivers of Sussex – i.e. heading downstream all the way with start and finish the same place! The Yukon can take a lot of water on board (I bailing out ca a litre every 15 mins) but I can’t work out how. It’s neither from splash nor leak (otherwise it would deflate…) and I wonder if it’s simply absorbed on board via the canvas. Do you have any view on this?
    Many thanks.
    Best wishes, hew

  2. Hew Prendergast says:

    Mark, Thanks a lot. I’ve not altered the bungs/drain plugs since purchase. They LOOK closed, on the outside more or less flush with the surface but slightly indented, on the inside the ‘top’ looks as far in as it could get and protruding slightly. Does that sound right to you? Best wishes, hew

  3. Hew Prendergast says:

    Mark – I am now sure that the leak comes via the seam connecting the bottom with the canvas side when this (the seam) is under water, either through under inflation and/or simply my body weight. I have emailed Sevylor about this but have had no answer. Cheers, hew

  4. Hew Prendergast says:

    Thanks Mark. Sevylor never did get back to me but the retailer, Surfdome.com, did and I now have a replacement to try out. I can’t speak high enough about their customer relations.

  5. Annemarie Feast says:

    Just wondering where you bought your inflatable kayak from? How long it takes to inflate/deflate? And how you have experienced using one of these? Transporting two single kayaks is proving a nightmare and I am thinking of trading them in for a double or maybe an inflatable, which is where impartial feedback from a user would be very helpful. Thanks :-))

    • We got them in Brookbanks – they have a number of outlets around the UK. Takes about 10 mins to inflate/deflate once you get use to the procedure. They should be fine for sea use where you go as long as you put the skeg on underneath to give stability in rougher waters. To my mine there seems to very little in handling between inflatables and rigids.

  6. Hew Prendergast says:

    I got my Yukon from Surfdome. Apart from the leakage problem, I’ve had god experiences so far. Having the skeg in place is essential, especially with a side wind. I’m wondering, when alone, how best to transport the Yukon when loaded round barriers (dams, weirs etc.). Can one drag it on a tarpaulin/sheet?
    Best wishes, hew

    • Hew Prendergast says:

      Mark, Anne-Marie
      I am now on my fifth (yes!) Yukon. The seam problem has continued but Meridian Zero, importers of Sevylor, have been brilliant, so far giving me two replacements. They confirmed that that the seam WAS the problem. I wonder whether there was a bad batch (made in January 2011). With Gaffer tape, I covered the seams during a recent 400 kms trip down the Loire and that solved the problem. I’ll continue to update you on news. Best wishes, hew

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