Back in my stride


Within 10 minutes walk from home. I can take this footpath from my door

My last trip to the Lake District, resulting in injury to both my left knee and right foot. I rather overdid it and it didn’t help going down near vertical scree slopes on Great Gable. The next day after wild camping on Kirk Fell I descended a path just as steep which was hopelessly in need of repair. It has taken quite a long while to get back into my stride. I have been doing some short walks from the house and trying to build up steps as much as possible, but whilst it is better than when I hobbled into Buttermere on the 4th day of that trip, I still have some discomfort.

I have resisted getting back in the mountains, trying to build up some strength in my knees and foot, the longest distance so far about 3 miles.

I live in the Lincolnshire Wolds, a range of low hills reaching the dizzy heights of 550 feet and I can walk straight from my door. So nothing too steep or difficult and being an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a pleasant area to roam.

Today I walked around 9-10 miles mainly on the Viking Way, a long distance trail, taking the precaution to tape up my right foot with Rock Tape for some support.

Here are some photos of my walkgoulceby10



This is a lovely little chalk stream at Biscathorpe, the next valley over to my home. It is crystal clear.


Here is the stream a bit further on.


Here is a bit about what has been done to restore the chalk streams in the area.


Biscathorpe Church


Oxford Sandy & Black rare breed pigs near Donington -on- Bain


Course of the old railway that ran from Louth in the north to Bardney in the south. It closed in 1960, there was a station in my village on this line.


The old graveyard at the old All Saints Church at Goulceby. The remains of the church is somewhere in amongst this.


The new All Saints at Goulceby, journeys end

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Custom gear comparison table

I got a DM on my Twitter account  today from a fellow backpacker and wild camper asking if I had carried out a comparison of WM Summerlite, and the Panyam 600 and Teneqa 700 sleeping bags  from Cumulus.I hadn’t got to those bags yet, but it didn’t take too long  to compile the table and for ease of communicating the information I have posted it up on my blog. The WM Summerlite is a favorite 3 season bag and the other two are good value, well spec-ed bags for the winter.

Comparison here:sleeping bag comp. P D v1.1

Gear comparison tables update : I am currently working my way through UL shelters at the moment, but I have plans for winter sleeping bags and quilts and others after that. I will post up as soon as I can!

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Gear Comparison Tables

Lake District june 2104 074

Back in 2011, I started to put together a few  gear comparison tables  in a systematic way to help me select the right gear to lighten my base weight.  Work and at the time my wife’s illness meant that for a while I was unable to do many trips and therefore I didn’t utilise the results of my work. My comparison tables sat on my computer forgotten for 4 years, until earlier this year and then about a month ago I decided to complete the first one by updating the old table, adding new products and deleting old ones. The first table published is UL sleeping bags and quilts weighing 500g (lbs) or less I have create a separate page on my blog – Gear comparison tables (see main menu). I have gone for this route as I feel the seasons ratings don’t always take into the account the way bags and quilts are now used particularly adding of down jackets and trousers and other clothing to extend the temperature range and as people also say they are warm or cold sleepers, the easiest way to split up the categories was by weight.

I have included all the available sleeping bags and quilts that I have been able to research in this category and I hope the reader finds this useful. I have added links to websites, the cheapest price I can find where the manufacturer is not selling direct and have added links to up to 3 reviews including video reviews where I can find them. If readers see any missing models or reviews  or any glaring errors! then please let me know. There are other comparisons out there, notably Philip Werner’s excellent Gear Navigator at his site Section – Hiker.

The next table of sleeping bags and quilts will look at 500-750g (1-1.5 lbs).

I am working on other gear comparison tables to be published as soon as I can finished them!

The 1st chart link is below, please click on link to take you to it.

UL Sleeping bags & Quilts 500g (1 lb) or less table

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Review of Exped Hyperlite sleeping mat

Video review of this year’s new mat from Exped.

Hyperlite mat from Exped

Hyperlite mat from Exped

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Gear Roundup – recent Lake District trip

Notable gear on my recent Lakes trip.

Tarptent Stratospire 1


Stratospire on High Raise

I  purchased the Stratospire just over a year now and have slept in it around 14 nights so I have reasonably good knowledge of it capabilities and as with all tents the little bits that you would like to change.  Firstly this is a large tent for the weight (around 1 kg) with 2 large porches which can really swallow up a lot of gear. Although an unusual design, it is very clever the way the inner runs across the tent rather along the ridge giving plenty of room.

With the pitch-lock system seen on the Scarp and the use of two trekking poles you can get a really taut pitch.  Add the front and back main guys and you can nail the tent down.  Henry Shires describes the Stratospire as one of his strongest tent with a four season rating. To be honest I have not been able to test this claim as most of the nights I have spent in the tent have be in calm conditions even when camped above 2000 feet. It certainly performs well in heavy rain conditions and is a tent that you can live in wet weather with so much space for cooking and moving around.  The inner tent has plenty of head room at the centre and it comfortable to sleep in. Like a number of Tarptents it lacks pockets but I have solved this by buying some inexpensive hanging pockets weighing 11g each.

The inner is part solid which is I think is a good compromise for the UK.  The zip arrangement is in a J format, and ideally it would be an inverted T zip, but it is a minor issue.  Pitching with two trekking poles means that you can adjust the height of the pitch to take into account of uneven or sloping ground.

The inner tent can be unclipped – with the clips being a little stiff so it takes a bit longer than it should.  Doing  so means that there is plenty of space to completely pack up in the dry when it is wet outside and drop the flysheet at the last moment.

On High Raise

On High Raise

Exped Hyperlite Mat

Hyperlite mat from Exped

Hyperlite mat from Exped

I have owned the Exped Synmat UL 7 mat for 4 and bit years At the beginning of the year I started noticing a a small bulge in the bottom of the mat when inflated and later on another bulge appeared, so I thought it was time to purchase a new mat.  The Hyperlite mat weighs 345g in medium size compared to 460g for Synmat UL 7, so a reasonable good saving on weight and pack size. I also think that it is one of the lightest full length mats with insulation on the market, achieved by making it into a mummy shaped mat. The mat has  a very similar R value to the Synmat and is just as comfortable –  Exped mats being the most comfortable mats I have slept on. The Hyperlite  is wide enough for  my shoulders and even though is slimmer than the Synmat I have not rolled off. The weather on  this trip went down to 2C and it was perfectly OK at this temperature. The fabric is soft  and warm to the touch.

A video review is on it’s way.

exped hyperlite 2

The mat is wide enough for your shoulders

Montane Grand Tour 55 backpack

I have owned this backpack for 18 months and purchased in a sale at nearly half price. Weighing 1345g there are lighter packs but it is the most comfortable backpack I have owned. The balance is spot on and the weight is transferred beautifully onto the hips. I am very happy with the backpack.  The fabric used is tough  with the mesh and fabric pockets  very stretchy. Probably slightly too large for anything less than a four day trip but having less gear in it doesn’t cause an issue.

Also see my video review of last year on the Grand Tour 55 here

Columbia micro- fleece – Klamath Range 2

columbia 2

202g in Med one of the lightest fleeces I have found

202g in medium one of the lightest fleeces I have found

I purchased this in the USA recently at a Columbia outlet store, with the good exchange rate, it was tenner. Being an outlet it was heavily discounted in dollars to start. Weighing just 202 grams in medium, it is one of the lightest fleeces I have found. Very soft and moderately warm, it is ideal to put over my base layer or as it the case of this trip over my Columbia hiking shirt ( a purchase from a previous US trip) during the summer months. Add the Montane Litespeed windshirt over both and you would extend later or earlier in the year.

The micro-fleece is available in the UK priced £25.00. Link is here

REI – Schwag pockets

Purchased at REI in San Franciso, I was on the look out for lightweight pockets for several of my tents that do not have pockets in the inner tent. Weighing 11 grams each and costing £6 for the pair, they do the job and are very cheap. Hangs up from a mitten hook attached at the top. Not sure they are available outside of the USA.

Link here

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Version 2 of my video series on the Wickiup 3 tent

I wasn’t happy with the first version of the third video in my series. Here is the new version.

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Nigor Wickiup 3 SUL tent options

Wickiup 3 SUL in Eastern Sierras, California.

Wickiup 3 SUL in Eastern Sierras, California.

Three videos showing the various options you have using this pyramid tent. To ensure I have communicated the right weights for the various options, I have detailed these below.

Option 1

Wickiup flysheet – 675g + Chinese Silnylon inner – 392g + pole – 322g= total of 1389g

the above using trekking poles linker (45g)  instead of pole =  total of 1112g

Option 2 

Wickiup flysheet – 675g + Borah Gear Bivvy – 218g + pole – 322g= total of 1215g

the above using trekking poles linker (45g)  instead of pole =  total of 938g

Option 3

Wickiup flysheet – 675g + Wickiup inner – 880g + pole – 322g= total of 1877g

the above using trekking poles linker (45g)  instead of pole =  total of 1555g

First video shows the Wickiup 3 using silnylon inner from China. The inner cost £34 delivered to the UK. Inner can also be used with Trailstar

Second video shows option with Borah Gear Bivvy

Third video shows the full option with the Wickiup inner.

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