Gear Comparison Tables

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Back in 2011, I started to put together a few  gear comparison tables  in a systematic way to help me select the right gear to lighten my base weight.  Work and at the time my wife’s illness meant that for a while I was unable to do many trips and therefore I didn’t utilise the results of my work. My comparison tables sat on my computer forgotten for 4 years, until earlier this year and then about a month ago I decided to complete the first one by updating the old table, adding new products and deleting old ones. The first table published is UL sleeping bags and quilts weighing 500g (lbs) or less I have create a separate page on my blog – Gear comparison tables (see main menu). I have gone for this route as I feel the seasons ratings don’t always take into the account the way bags and quilts are now used particularly adding of down jackets and trousers and other clothing to extend the temperature range and as people also say they are warm or cold sleepers, the easiest way to split up the categories was by weight.

I have included all the available sleeping bags and quilts that I have been able to research in this category and I hope the reader finds this useful. I have added links to websites, the cheapest price I can find where the manufacturer is not selling direct and have added links to up to 3 reviews including video reviews where I can find them. If readers see any missing models or reviews  or any glaring errors! then please let me know. There are other comparisons out there, notably Philip Werner’s excellent Gear Navigator at his site Section – Hiker.

The next table of sleeping bags and quilts will look at 500-750g (1-1.5 lbs).

I am working on other gear comparison tables to be published as soon as I can finished them!

The 1st chart link is below, please click on link to take you to it.

UL Sleeping bags & Quilts 500g (1 lb) or less table

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2 Responses to Gear Comparison Tables

  1. AlanR says:

    Nice job Mark. Should help a lot of folks out.

  2. Thanks Alan. I have been meaning to do this for a few years now just makes it easier to find & compare stuff. Compiling the next one!

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