A short trip around Ingleborough


I have found more and more that work gets in the way of weekend trips. The time I finish often late on a Friday I’m often too knackered to go away for the weekend, particularly in the winter period when arriving at a destination long after dark is not ideal. This coupled with the seemingly endless bad weather that this winter has produced and I find myself having done very little for months.

Mary used to come walking with me a lot when we were younger but since a bad accident a number of years ago, she cannot easily climb mountains. She walks fine on the flat but finds steeper inclines a struggle.

Back in late January we took delivery of a campervan, which means that in the future those winter trips will be easier.  It also allows us to share time in the outdoors together.

I’m still going to do backpacking trips, but this gives me other choices as well.

Back in September, after a strenuous backpack trip in the Lakes I hurt my knees quite bad on scree slopes and it has taken awhile to get back into my stride so to speak. My plan was to go off on my own, taking the campervan for an overnight and then do some walking around the limestone pavement country near to Ingleborough. This was to make sure that everything was OK with me before getting back into backpacking once the really busy period at work is over.

Here are some photos of my walk, which I was pleased to say went well with no aches and pains and enjoyed in fine weather and great scenery!


My campervan at a small site near to Austwick


Nice views from the camper while having my early morning tea.


The early spring colour of Lesser Celadine


Fantastic little foot bridge out of Austwick


Looking to Norber


Entrance to Ingleborough Cave


Start of Limestone pavement around Sulber


A solidarity tree in the landscape


Close up of clinks and grikes


Looking towards Pen-y-ghent

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14 Responses to A short trip around Ingleborough

  1. Phil says:

    Know the area quite well. It’s a beauty and away from the 3 peaks crowd. A lot of it is fairly rough ground though. The Norber erratics are a personal favourite.

  2. Sean says:

    I know the feeling of not being able to get away 😦
    Great pictures and I like the look of the van, how are you getting on with it ?

    • Hi Sean, thanks for your kind comments. Really pleased with the van. One overnight with it but a number of day trips with it – walking along the coast and then using it for a nice cup of tea and a sandwich! Great value for money. I will do a write up on it.

  3. Jane says:

    It’s a stark, but beautiful landscape. Looks like a wonderful place to walk and get away from the crowds. The van looks great. 🙂

  4. The area is popular but you can find areas to walk where you see only a few people. Very pleased with the van so far.

  5. Memories. All my childhood holidays were spent in a tiny caravan in Inlgeton and, at 6 years old, Ingleborough was my first ever summit. Had many a visait to Ingleborough Caves, too. I just love the area.

  6. Maria says:

    Isn’t it just annoying how work interferes with one’s hobbies! Lovely pics.

  7. Hi Maria – how are you? Yes work a necessary evil!

    • Maria says:

      Thanks for asking, Mark! Everything ok – I have even had the opportunity to go for an overnighter almost every month for the past year or two. I’ve just been lousy at keeping record of my outings and updating the blog. As you say: work a necessary evil!

  8. I must say that I have neglected my blog and reading others. I use Twitter much more as it is quick!

  9. surfnslide says:

    Nice photos of a splendid area. Look forward to a review of the van

  10. Thanks Andy. Will do when work allows!

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