Back in my stride


Within 10 minutes walk from home. I can take this footpath from my door

My last trip to the Lake District, resulting in injury to both my left knee and right foot. I rather overdid it and it didn’t help going down near vertical scree slopes on Great Gable. The next day after wild camping on Kirk Fell I descended a path just as steep which was hopelessly in need of repair. It has taken quite a long while to get back into my stride. I have been doing some short walks from the house and trying to build up steps as much as possible, but whilst it is better than when I hobbled into Buttermere on the 4th day of that trip, I still have some discomfort.

I have resisted getting back in the mountains, trying to build up some strength in my knees and foot, the longest distance so far about 3 miles.

I live in the Lincolnshire Wolds, a range of low hills reaching the dizzy heights of 550 feet and I can walk straight from my door. So nothing too steep or difficult and being an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a pleasant area to roam.

Today I walked around 9-10 miles mainly on the Viking Way, a long distance trail, taking the precaution to tape up my right foot with Rock Tape for some support.

Here are some photos of my walkgoulceby10



This is a lovely little chalk stream at Biscathorpe, the next valley over to my home. It is crystal clear.


Here is the stream a bit further on.


Here is a bit about what has been done to restore the chalk streams in the area.


Biscathorpe Church


Oxford Sandy & Black rare breed pigs near Donington -on- Bain


Course of the old railway that ran from Louth in the north to Bardney in the south. It closed in 1960, there was a station in my village on this line.


The old graveyard at the old All Saints Church at Goulceby. The remains of the church is somewhere in amongst this.


The new All Saints at Goulceby, journeys end

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6 Responses to Back in my stride

  1. Very pleasant, a part of England I don’t know but it looks very appealing.

  2. oh yes, where I live in Sussex we have a lot of old Beeching ‘ghost lines’. Some make for some very good walking too. Its amazing to think how deep into rural England those old branch lines reached.

    • I lived in near Horsham from 7 until my late 20’s and in my Boy Scout days we would often do night hikes along the old Horsham to Shoreham line that and the South & North Downs Way. Very fond memories. Where do you live?

  3. surfnslide says:

    Good to see you’re getting back out and about. I’m a wreck these days as well with foot, knee and shoulder problems 🙂

  4. Jane says:

    Great to see you getting out again. I managed a few walks after a long winter of illness but am back sick again. It can be very frustrating. Great pics. Looks like a lovely area to walk.

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