Snow in the Peak District !

After my last post, showing how much snow I encountered this time last year, I was out on a walk today.  Along Snake path to Ashop Head up to Kinder Plateau, along the Northern edges to Fairbrook Naze and back to Snake Pass.  The walk was 13km (8.5 miles).  I had heavy rain, hail, sleet and blizzard conditions on the tops with plenty of snow.  I was also testing some new gear, some purchased by myself and some supplied by companies.  I was also trying out my new Iphone 4S – the photographs and video below were taken with its 8mp camera. I am looking to see if I can take just this phone instead of a camera.

Great conditions  to test new gear. I will post up these in due course.  There was water pouring down the hillsides in all directions, with paths covered with water  and some of the stream crossings were a challenge.

Here is a flavour of today.

Along Snake Path

River Ashop

Start of the path to the Northern Rim

Fairbrook Naze

Top of Woodland Valley

Looking down Woodlands valley

By time I got back to the car park, my car was covered in snow. I struggled out of the car park onto the A57, heading for Sheffield. At Ladybower reservior, I passed the “Road is Closed sign” just out in the nick time!

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34 Responses to Snow in the Peak District !

  1. surfnslide says:

    Winter has arrived! Me and a couple of mates were planning to head out to the Dark Peak today but the weather and the fact I have a head full of cold meant we gave it a miss. Wish I’d at least gone out for a short stroll – looks like a wild and wintry day, sort that I normally enjoy

  2. That stream looked a bit fast and frothy! Looked just like I thought it might on the tops – that wet snow, that somehow always seems colder than dry snow…and still only rain in Hayfield.

  3. backpackingbongos says:

    Bring on the snow!

  4. alan.sloman says:

    Moody shots there, Mark. Looked Bl**dy nippy too!

    Where’s all the powdery stuff that we were promised a couple of months ago?

    • Alan, It was nippy out there,but I was nice and warm with my 3rd element jacket and my new Cioch trousers. I going to nip over and read your musings on Paramo.

      As regards the weather forecasts for lots of snow end of October – I honestly don’t think they can forecast much more than a week or two. If I remember correctly I was wearing a tee shirt walking around that time !!

  5. Finally have a good covering up here to low levels now as well. Just thinking about heading out to play 🙂

  6. Gibson says:

    Mark – it’s the west that’s getting the best of the snow up here at the moment but I’m hoping for some huge falls over us soon. Intersting day you had in the Peak District!

  7. Hi Mark, good to see a bit of winter – at last! The pics from your phone look fine – I’m on a 10″ netbook at the moment, but I’m sure they would be equally good on a larger screen. Paul

  8. AlanR says:

    On our walk we could sometimes see Kinder and we commented when the view disappeared that it was getting some foul weather and we were glad we were elsewhere. You have confirmed what we saw.
    I think the quality of the 4S photographs are good enough. It’s just a question of the battery life to chance taking just that one piece of kit. A small lightweight camera with similar lens quality will last far longer and you can take a spare battery for longer trips. Its only my humble opinion but i would keep it just as a phone for anything longer than a day trip.

    • Alan, was pretty nasty up there. I was warm in my Paramo’s. Usually pretty busy up there, only see 2 couples up on the Plateau. Alan you may be right,I not saving much weight by not taking my Panasonic compact, but good to try out. I took my Power monkey with me just in case. The battery life seems better than with my old 3GS.

  9. Lee says:

    Some good photos of the snow on the tops – I was out walking in the Hope Valley yesterday and it was only raining though.

  10. Moonlight Shadow says:

    Bleaklow looked splendily wintry from the plane this morning!! Cheered me up!

  11. GeoffC says:

    Familiar sights there from winters past, I can think of no more formidable areas to be than Kinder and Bleaklow in foul winter conditions. I remember some nervous days driving there in winter too, I wouldn’t do it now!.

    • Geoff, you are right. One of the most challenging environments in this country when the weather is wild. Want to test out waterproofs and tents to their limit – go up there on a wild day and you will sort the men out from the boys. I never tire of going up there – real wilderness close to home. On a bad weather day, you avoid the usual crowds as well.

  12. nothing doing down here in South Wales at the moment Mark. Well at least it wasnt snowing when I went out in the Black Mountains for a last minute bivvy weekend!

    Would like to see a little bit of snow for walking and camping in, just not weeks and weeks of the stuff! 🙂

  13. Jules says:

    I love Kinder in the snow – one of my favourite places. But it looked like a rough ‘un you experienced on this trip.

    As others have said, it’s one of the most truly testing places for gear, navigation – hell, just coping with – in the UK, even though so close to “civilisation”.

    A great read, thanks!

  14. McEff says:

    That looks cold and bleak, Mark. I don’t know this area at all but I bet it looks good on a warm day with a bright sun in a blue sky.
    Alen McF

    • Alen, sorry for the delay in replying. I have been away. Kinder Plateau – I have rarely seen it in good weather. One of the most testing places for navigation in bad weather. Has a real wildeness feeling about it even though it is close to Sheffield and Manchester, and I think the most southern place to view Artic hares, which I seen on a number of occasions. I like the area alot. It can get crowded at the weekend however. On Sunday,I only saw four other madmen all day.

  15. martin says:

    great photos! looks like an awesome area!

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