Back from walking the Pennine Way – Gargrave to Hardraw

I am back this afternoon from walking the section of the Pennine Way from Gargrave to Hardraw near Hawes.   Weather was a mixed bag from brilliant hot sunshine on Friday to 5 hours of heavy incessant rain and high winds on Sunday. An enjoyable trip with great scenery and some nice pubs and campsites to visit on the way.

Recent gear purchases were put to the test and I will report on them and the trip as soon as possible after catching up on my favorite blogs and attending to mine. Here is a flavour of the trip, with a few photographs.

River Aire

Look at what greets me the other side of a ladder stile !

Approaching Malham

Watlowes Valley

Pen-y-ghent in the mist

Camp at Horton in Ribblesdale

Walking through wildflower meadows near Hawes

Hardraw Force waterfall

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10 Responses to Back from walking the Pennine Way – Gargrave to Hardraw

  1. -maria- says:

    Lovely pictures, Mark! Very beautiful landscapes.

  2. Thanks Maria. That is the wonder of the English countryside – such variety in the space of a few miles.

  3. Alan says:

    Thats a lovely walk Mark and with the weather the countryside is stunning. It makes for good photo’s.
    You don’t want sun all the time anyway, its nice to get a bit of rain. It spices up the rivers and falls.

  4. Alan, it would have been a lot harder walking the 2nd and 3rd day if it was hot as the first day, so the rain kept me cooler, but 5 hours of heavy rain was a bit much !

  5. backpackingbongos says:

    Looks like a good trip Mark. Variety in the weather is good and remember its the rain that makes everything green!!

  6. Thanks James -it was a good trip. Coming from the East of England I was amazed to see how green everything was up in the Dales. I am enjoying reading your posts on the TGO

  7. alan.sloman says:

    Great Pictures – Looking forward to the write-up.

  8. surfnslide says:

    Great photos Mark especially the one of Malham – one of my all-time favourite areas. I lived up that way (near Keighley) a few years back so I used to know that area well and I enjoyed some of the familier scenes. Having moved around a lot it’s great to get to know new areas intimately (its the South Wales mountains at the moment) but I do miss not visiting areas like the Yorkshire Dales and Pennines as much as I used to

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