A different landscape

This is different from my posts about mountains and wild places. This is  a post about gentle rolling hills and places in and around the Lincolnshire Wolds, where I live. An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and far from the impression that many have of a flat, boring landscape. True certain parts of the county mainly in the south east can resemble a large cabbage field, but in the north of the county, rolling hills give way to wide open skies, pretty villages and a small rural population. Enough words and let the photos do the talking.

Looking across the Viking Way near Walesby

Looking across the Viking Way near Walesby

Our regular dog walk near our house.

Our regular dog walk near our house.

Looking across to the Bain Valley

Looking across to the Bain Valley

Sunrise from our bedroom window

Wild flowers bloom next to our beck at home

Wild flowers bloom next to our beck at home

Dawn breaks at -19C – the coldest it has ever been at home

Mid winter near Nettleton top

Mid winter near Nettleton top

Drought spring 2012 Walesby Woods

Drought spring 2012 Walesby Woods


Walesby Woods

Walesby Woods

Viking Way

Viking Way


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20 Responses to A different landscape

  1. I’ve often wondered about doing the Viking Way. Have you done it?

    • Only sections of which encompass the Lincolnshire Wolds part so from Caistor to Horncastle. Probably the best section, although it carries on a lot further right down to Rutland

  2. Sean says:

    you could sell anything! I always thought of that area as too flat for me. I used to live in York and ran on the East Yorkshire Wolds. Great at night as the chalk paths were dead easy to follow. I might just pay your area a visit. Thanks

  3. Never been. You’ve challenged my prejudices. Great stuff!

  4. PhilR says:

    Indeed a very nice area, My in-laws live in Sutton on Sea so visit often. Although I don’t get into the Wolds as often as I should when up there. Proof that Lincolnshire is not totally flat 🙂

  5. terrybnd says:

    Indeed an often overlooked part of the country, Mark. I’ve spent many a happy trip cycling and walking in the Wolds and out in the fens too. Much like the city of Lincoln, it’s all beautiful. But let’s keep it quiet eh? 😉

  6. I love Lincoln as well – our local big town. Have you been to Louth ? – a real gem that. Voted one of the best market towns in England not many know what fantastic old fashioned shops, delis and pubs are there.

  7. Maria says:

    Nice landscapes, Mark! The winter photos certainly look freezing…

    • Hi Maria – good to hear from you again, what have you been up to? Thanks for commenting.

      • Maria says:

        Hi Mark – the winter and spring just passed by without much backpacking. I started at a new job which required quite much time. But I hope I will have more time for both day walks and overnighters now.

        I have a new blog (got some problems with my previous account), so welcome there! I just posted some pics from our holiday in the Austrian Alps there.

      • I will have a look at your new blog.

  8. surfnslide says:

    Stunning photos and like everyone else, corrects my view of the area as well. There is one thing that more rural routes have that most mountain routes don’t – a nice pub at the end of the walk for a pint and a basket meal, as I discovered today in Shropshire 🙂

  9. Thanks Andy. Shropshire is another fave of mine. Great countryside and good pubs as well!

  10. Ha! Familiar territory for me this Mark as I live in Laceby, Lincolnshire 🙂 Some nice photos here. I’ve walked many miles on the paths and lanes of the Wolds and environs. The stretch of the Viking way between Tealby and Nettleton is one of my favourite sections. I’ve camped many nights in local woodlands and along the coast. in fact the Stratospire will be getting its first outing locally 😉

    • Hi Elton, I remember you telling me you lived in the area. Perhaps if you are interested we can meet up sometime? I am in the process of moving so I don’t have that much time at the moment. I agree that the stretch between Nettleton to Tealby is the best. I like the area around the Bain Valley as well. I have only camped once in the Wolds!. Tend to do that in other areas of the country, but I might look to do a bit of Tarping in the area.

  11. I thought I maybe had but couldn’t recall. Meeting up sounds a fine idea and I fully understand how it is with moving as we moved to Laceby from Grimsby in May. You will have to let me know when you have a free weekend although a week or two notice would be best as I’m in full-time employment and have to also clear all excursions with the Boss (my wife isobel :)) Not done anything around the Bain Valley but I’ve done plenty of tarping, hammocking, bivvying and tenting in the last 20yrs around here. I usually only manage to go any further abroad maybe twice a year at most.

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