Review of Montane Grand Tour 55

A comfortable backpack with many excellent features. Here is my video review.

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6 Responses to Review of Montane Grand Tour 55

  1. AlanR says:

    Hi Mark,
    Does the lid float so that if you need to fill up the extension collar you can raise the lid to suit the extra length.

    • Not sure it is a floating lid in the true sense. It has stretch panels on the side of the top lid which you are able to pull around the extension collar. Certainly I had my pack pretty full and it covered it fine.

  2. GeoffC says:

    A strange coincidence: I’m evaluating various packs right now and I have that very pack ordered for a testing session, it should arrive tomorrow. I watched your video and the one by the Montane guy and it looks like a promising candidate. The critical factor for me is the load support and that can never be properly described in words or video, the only way is to test it myself. I’ve had some disappointments already with packs that reviewers claim to have excellent load carrying capability, in particular some of those with a ‘stay’ system – they don’t work, at least not very well.

  3. Packs and footwear are a very personal thing and in my experience the hardest to get right. What is good for some isn’t for others. I will be interested to see what pack you go for.

  4. Matt White says:

    Been using one of these for about a year now. Agree with your review: it’s a comfortable, well-sorted pack with some clever touches – like the stiffened zips and the top pocket lip you mentioned. Just to note that the mesh on the outer pockets isn’t very abrasion-resistant: mine’s worn through a few times in different places without any outrageous abuse. Not difficult to fix with a few stitches, but not ideal.

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